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A girl said to be cattin' in one who lies to and cheats on a man
You're jealous of me because your girlfriend is cattin'
by jackson November 03, 2003
To flake or fake on something or someone
I thought you was comin to the house the otha day, why you be cattin...
by j motha fuckin 9 March 19, 2009
someone who constantly flakes or is in the process of flaking

an unreliable person
that guy devon is a cat, he always says he's down to do something and when it comes to it he's never around, he be cattin.
by mainyrainy May 08, 2011
Cattin means when youhh trippin .
1 : Yo pass me the kush .
2 : Naww, qo buyy somee mann .
1 : Niqqah youhh cattin'
by SuzieeBadd(♥] July 11, 2010
trying to wear/take someones style or hair or shoes or anything else
"yo, wot da hellz dat cunt cattin my crepz 4!!!"
by lady green eyez March 15, 2005