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Person who resides or is native of the Catskill area in upstate, New York
"Hey we're going upstate and hanging out with the Catskillians, wanna come?"
by Daisy Dukes June 27, 2005
anything that has to do with dan Birnbom. He liesk the catskills; where the sky is always blue and grass always green. Beer flowsi nthe rivers and the women are just plain gorgeous. The catskills is a sanctuary for kids that drive White Exploreres with cheap tires and 4 high beam lights. A brush guard is a must in the catskills and you must be able to kill gut and eat a deer in less that 1 hour.
Yo man in the catskills you drink all you want and never get drunk.
Yo in the catskills everyone drives Explorers.
Yo in the catskills beer flows like water.
by Anonymous January 26, 2005

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