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Name for girls of Scottish Welsh, or Irish heritage, spelled the Irish way! Only the most mouthy, stubborn, cool, smart, caring, nice girls are named this.

Cathaleen's are one of a kind. They are intelligent, constantly seeking knowledge, inquisitive, caring, spontaneous, crabby, loving, tolerant to a point, artistic and creative, freaky in bed... Get a Cathaleen's heart and make her your world and she will show you everything you dreamed a dirty girl can be and more. She is the definition of professional in public, best friend while hanging out and personal cortasant in the bedroom.
However betray her or threaten those she loves and youll unlock the anger of her Irish name... She won't see a stop but will seek and destroy all those who oppose her... With age she becomes more underhanded and hoans the ability to ruin you and bring you to death without ever touching you. she is pure as her name ensues your behavior determines if she is pure evil, pure heaven, pure angel, pure insane or pure chaos
Boy1: Being with her is amazing

Boy2: is she just the best so far or is she a true Cathaleen


She had more emotions then there are emoji's to describe she was definitely a Cathaleen
by Evilsnowrider July 02, 2012
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