An amazing young woman with many talents.
Wow, she can sing and act and she's gorgeous too. Must be a Caterina.
by CrazyELF1551 February 20, 2012
Top Definition
A term denoting pure perfection, to an almost divine degree. Used when no other compliment seems enough. Most of us will only get 1 shot at applying this term to sumthing in our lifetime and many stagger under the responsibility to use it wisely.

Caterina's in existence are unmistakable for their undeniable awesomness and celestial quality. The term derives frm the virtuous mythological creature who possessed a wealth of qualities, yet tragically burdoned by their own genius.
"that lunar eclipse was so... so... caterina..."

"omg try cookie dough and caramel, its complete caterina!"
by koshkaatown September 15, 2009
A beautiful woman who is talented, creative and is great with people, might have dutch backgroud and dark hair
A - wow, shes beautiful, i wonder what her name is
B - i bet its caterina, she beautiful as you say and got dark hair
by nitchmond March 20, 2007
A beautiful korean girl with a Welsh name. She is extremely smart and has a beautiful voice. Most Caterina's play a stringed instrument and are musicaly talented. She is very bright and everyone loves her because of her personality. Most Caterina's end up as a doctor or a nurse and they love helping others. She is extremely sexy and gorgeous. She dislikes others who has the same item as her and get jealous very easily.
Wow...that girl is sexxxayyy.. Bet thats caterina!
by THE PEDOPHILE September 05, 2011
Wow that girls got a wicked caterina
by βραηβραη April 03, 2011

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