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The ultimate problem in any shopping outing. Do you go to Forever 21 first and end up wearing "cheap goggles" the whole trip, or do you risk buying a dress at retail cost only to find it at Forever 21 for 10x less at the end of your trip?
Girl, they just put a Forever 21 right across from a J.Crew! What a Catch-21!
by Loverbabes May 24, 2011
Similar to a catch 22. It is used for the rare occasion when you run into a catch 22, because you in fact are not 21.
Friend: Why didn't you come to Vegas with us?

Me: Well, I have my court date for underaged drinking and I'm not 21 so I wouldn't be able to do anything in Vegas.

Friend: Man that is a catch 22

Me: More like a catch 21!
by markapops March 08, 2010
Catch 21 is used when you face a choice betwen 2 or more things, which both have drawbacks.
If i give this apple to Joe, Mary will be pissed off. But if i give this apple to Mary, Joe will be pissed off. See?!? its catch 21.
by Flake April 07, 2004
He didn't pay much attention to the catch-21.
by Bernard Scrooge July 07, 2016
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