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A Catch-14 is a situation where a solution to a trivial problem is rejected for nonsensical or nonexistent reasons. The name is a reference to one proposed title for the book Catch-22, which was rejected because the number 14 was not "funny enough".
"I had to stay late at work due to a Catch-14 my boss had with using an LDAP query to poll user information"


"I had to come in over the weekend to rewrite our back end code, the boss wanted to use magic quotes instead of mysqli because they were 'magic'"

"Catch 14 man" *smokes blunt*
by ADINSX_sa August 13, 2009
When you propose a perfectly good solution to a trivial problem, that is rejected out of hand by management with nonexistent or nonsensical justification.
I'm in a catch-14 situation
by yospos bitch August 13, 2009
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