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a catch out is a situation when someone surprises you doing a dodgy thing , or when someone proves you wrong
they saw you with that rotter.. what a catch out !
by fernan May 13, 2008
Verb. To leave
"say, i got some shit to do so im about to catch out. ill holla at you later."
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
1. To get a ride out of town on a freight train.

2. To successfully attain a ride for hitchhiking purposes.
Dirty Kid: Let's jut kick it, right?

Crusty Kid: No way! I'm going to sleep. I gotta catch out in the morning.

Andrew Hippie: How are you getting to Portland?

Kung Fu Kitty: I'm headed down to the 5 right now to catch out!
by bobross January 17, 2013
A rat or someone who will tell it. Someone who has to leave a yard(prison)or take P.C.(protective custody) because they are a rat or they are in trouble with other inmates.
"That ratty lil punk ass bitch is a catch out from every yard he's been on"
by boss May 09, 2005