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The "Catch of the Day" is a two step process.

Step 1 -- Occurs when a male is in or at a Hampton summer share house (preferably the Bays or Westhampton), then he takes a dip in the pool wearing some nice swim trunks with netting liner, then while his body is underwater, he pulls back his trunks, thus freeing the netting liner, which acts like a pouch holding his exposed cock and balls.

Step 2 -- At this point, He calls one of the House whores to come poolside, and when she gets there, he propels his crotch upwards out of the water so the lucky girl can view the pearls of the deep -- i.e. the catch of the day.
DannyB in the pool at 4 Wild Cherry Lane: Hey Susie, come here check this out in the pool . . .

Susie: Danny, don't fuck around, I'm really hung over from drinking lemon drops and getting assfucked by some Guido at Summers last night.

DannyB: Check it out . . .(Dannyb's bottom half resurfaces) . . . IT'S THE CATCH OF THE DAY -- 2 FAT SCALLOPS AND A BABY SHRIMP!!!

Susie: Eww gross!! Barfff!!

DannyB: What? What I do?
by DannyBonco March 20, 2007
smelly fart
When one farts and some one asks what's that smell ?, you reply with the catch of the day.
by Foul funny April 22, 2015
When having sex with a girl you use your hands to fishhook her vagina and mouse to lift her up like a fish. Your buddy then pops out of the closet and takes a photo of your "catch of the day"
Tom: What did you guys do last night?
Tim: I gave this chick the catch of the day
Dave: Yeah and I took the photo! She was at least 120 lbs!
by dr alph January 26, 2011
When you are fucking your chick doggy style and spit on her back with the fake out that you are down, and when she turns around, you hit her in the face with the fresh trout you kept under your bed.
Dudeman 1: Yo, what did you do last night?

Dudeman 2: I acted like Long John Silver and gave my girl the "Catch of the Day."
by Matt Berry Wears Adult Diapers January 14, 2008

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