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This is when a group of guys kidnap several elderly Grandmothers, most commonly their own grandmothers.

They then fill up a large inflatable raft with liquid watery feces, shove the faces of the old women into this while tag fucking them up the arse.

Finally, when they have jism flowing from their anus' the women are thrown into the raft which is set afloat on the nearest large body of water, preferably an ocean
Guy 1: My Nan gave me such a shit Christmas present

Guy 2: Yeah me too

Guy 3: My grandma didnt even give me a present

Guy 1: Fuck those tight bitches, they have it all, we should show them what its like in an Catalonian Retirement Home

Guy 4: But I like my grandmother

Guy 2: Fuck you dickweed, your doing it on you can join them in it
by Reverend Pope September 11, 2009
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