When a man places his penis and nuts between his legs making him look like a woman from the front. Turning around and bending over it appears a little mouse is peaking out
John Darragh liked to show his mastery of penis puppetry by performing the classi cat and mouse
by Mark Preston March 12, 2003
Top Definition
It a series Starcraft maps in witch many people spend there time fighting either the cats or the mice there are many maps the most popular are the Crystal Wars and the Jungle
“Hay have you seen the new cat and mouse map”
“Yep its pretty epic”
“You want to host?”
by Carter90 January 07, 2009
a game played by 3rd graders at my school.when every ones a mouse except 1 person and they run around until all the mice have been caught. or a game played by 2 people in a SEXUAL way when a invisible mouse goes into a womans pussy and claims it home and the cat inother words the dick goes in to fish the mouse out by fuckin the girls brains out until he is sure hes ridded the mouse.
katie lets play cat and mouse
by asia July 12, 2004
A game played only when a member of the female class is in her menstraul cycle. The said female gets naked and runs around on her hands and knees. The "cat" who can be a member of either sex, also gets naked and chases the female around on their hands and knees. Upon catching the female, the "cat" removes the tampon from the female, and swings it around and plays with it like a cat does with a bloody mouse.
We cant have sex cause of that? Well shit, lets play cat and mouse.
by Lucas March 30, 2004
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