Loves chick-flicks and Twilight and other forms of entertainment marketed towards teenagers, particularly that of the Vampire genre. Lives in a fantasy world where one day she will fall in love with edward cullen. Often seen reading books in nightclubs, do not interrupt or she will pounce.
I'm pulling a cat and watching the entire series of true blood.
by kaz & joxter October 11, 2009
A tasty critter.
"Confuscious say, cat taste good with rice and noodle!"
by iliketoeatcats September 28, 2009
Compressed Thermogenic Antimatter.
This is a type of rocket-ammunition used in the PC game, Deus Ex. It is not found in the single player campaign, but is rather found in some modded online multiplayer servers, most famously (and ironically) on DOGNY's server. This rocket uses an advanced thermo-physical targeting system to lock onto a single unit. Upon contact it explodes first, unleashing a mass of superheated shrapnel into the surrounding area. This collosal change of heat and pressure in the area is then used by the launcher to remotely warp the surrounding physical attributes to create an effect vaguely resembling an anomalous black hole!

{To find dogny (who is in the ALPHA Clan on the date this definition has been posted), type "DOGNY's server Deus Ex" on google}

by SurajBatterycharger April 08, 2009
there are many varieties of cats (lions, leopards, cougars, lynxes) but most people have the smaller, domestic versions. Some are ugly as shit, others are cute and adorable, and BELIEVE ME, they are funny as hell if you get them stoned. Also, the breed super fast.
I had a calico cat named Jaguar. She ended up being a great-grandmother in like 10 months.
by themaninblack July 10, 2008
A disgusting animal that poops and pees in your clothes. They will eat your birds or pet rodents if left unattended. Will not jump to your defense like a dog would, should you come under attack. Instead, a cat will hide and come out when the coast is clear to lap up your blood. Cats are the only other creature in the world besides humans who will needlessly kill other creatures, usually by unnecessarily cruel means. The only creature in the world vindictive enough to bury their poop so you can't see it, but buries it shallow enough so that it squishes if you step on it.
Cats are characteristic for their bitchy mannerism, independent attitude, leaving filthy messes wherever they go (most commonly shed fur that won't come off) and for only loving you when they want something, like food or to have their shit box cleaned out. Cat owners often share many if not all of these characteristics with their pets, and thus are usually equally annoying.
Example 1:
If you took the bitchiest man or woman in the world and turned them into an animal, they'd probably turn into a cat.

Example 2:
The Egyptians worshiped cats, but also thoroughly had their collective asses conquered by every other neighboring nation. (Nubians, Assyrians, Persians)
by Not Really a Cat Lover July 26, 2010
The 'cat' I am defining is another word for vagina or p*ssy ;] joke.
"Dude her cat stank."
"Man for real?!"
"Hell yee-ah, bitch."
by WassupMsBooty August 04, 2009
A person male or female
an acronym either meaning "Cock Accessing Twat" or the more popular "Cunt Ass and Tits"
yo thats one cool cat
Yo look at that chick she got the cat
yo did you cat that chick last night
by -signed self June 06, 2009
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