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its me again. can you get it up yet? just think of your ma, it usually works for me. ya your such a mofo
love amanda
by hah hah bitch January 22, 2004
That casso just ganked my lewt!
by Leukos April 13, 2011
has a certain tendancy to sweep unsuspecting young ladies off their jimmy choo stilletto's with his irresistably sexual......hats!and leaves them craving for more (on a certain friends bed).
oh he makes me feel soooooo cassoed!
by xx chocolate tinkerbells xx February 24, 2004
You still dont know? U must be the only one. Casso is pimp the daddy, ho mackin ghetto mofo. You think otherwise? You're askin' for a crack a lack pimp slam capn' pimp style - bitches. You better recognise.
Casso rules. You probably don't
by Really Hot Ho<Not Casso> January 17, 2004
Legend!!who in fact is the man and is a fuckin beast!!Furlong ain't got nothin on this PIMP!!
furlong you twat
by The V.I.N January 29, 2004
hay casso. your a real fag who's in love with fellas. wat do you mean i never got wit tath chwenty year old, i must half told u chwelve times fore fuck sake. just so you no my dad is a spaceman who puts out fires on different planets, and puls he came up wit the connsept of going to mars. by the way i don't hav any speling missfo.... missfoe.... missforetune, my dad told me and he teaches in harvard, america.
does anyone else smell 'tath' bullshit? oh wait, i do. ffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllooooooooooonnngggggggggggggggggg. don't take on any kind of simian capable of addressing there friend's name wrong.if you don't understand any of the above, look up the words in a dictionary. you know what that is don't you? after all your dad did invent it!!
by annonymous February 16, 2004