Cassie is the COOLEST chick you will ever meet. She is the sexual dinosaur that revs all men's engines.
REAL DEFINITION: she is the sweetest girl you have ever met, and she aint no whore but she falls easily to pure pressure, and gives in easily to most people. If your one of those dicks that would use her, YOU CAN GO SHIT YOUR PANTS YOU MOOSEFUCKING CHILD MOLESTING BASTARD THAT EATS CHALK. She is down to earth and caring. She is known around the school, not for popularity, but that sweet personality that is loveable and generous. She would give her lunch to someone who had none. She has long straight beautiful brown hair, brown/hazel eyes, and developed cheek bones that give her a beautiful smile. She grew up with brothers so her hobbies arent giggling and shopping, theyre fun outdoor stuff like archery, fishing,camping,and target practice. She also loves Call of duty 3(while eating poptarts) Beware though she has been walked on and used before( SAUL YOU STUPID DICK)... and lets just say her brothers didnt let it end up well with this guy., so dont screw with this chick, it probably means your untimely death. She is a beautiful girl with a sweet spirit a loving heart, a couple freckles and the biggest breasts ever seen. shes got a cute figure and is short for her age. shes the kind of person you can tell anything to and the beans wont spill . So Confide in any cassie you meet cause there trustworthy, fun, spontaneous and doesnt need to be your girlfriend for you to love her
hey dude check it out its cassie! aw man she has the prettiest smile!
by grimreaper911 January 16, 2014
To lead an extensive amount of people on
Person 1: So many guys like me right now but I don't want to tell them there's no future

Person 2: wow you're pulling a Cassie
by Oopsmybad March 08, 2014
Someone who is gorgeous, amazing, has an amazing personality and is just an overall amazing person. She has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle and are the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.
Look at her, she must be a Cassie she's so gorgeous.
by Da bombakfjffd March 10, 2013
The common name of a hipster
"Oh hey Cassie" said James. "Don't talk to me you're too mainstream" said Cassie.
by Bruce12345 March 24, 2014
Someone who is gorgeous, happy, and not stuck up! She always brightens peoples days (especially guys) with her gorgeous body and amazing personality. Can be very ditzy, but she makes it work. Nice to pretty much everyone, and very well liked by every group.
That girl is drop dead gorgeous, but nice, shes such a Cassie!

Look at those boys mooning over that pretty girl...what a Cassie!

Blonde-moment! You can be such a Cassie!
by BlondeBabe15 February 05, 2010
A girl with cute halo eyes and a happy go lucky personality!
that girls a real cassie!
by william randal January 11, 2014
Beautiful, but they never admit it. They are very vulnerable, and they fall into peer-pressure often. Sweet, but they can be mean if provoked. Most tend to fall in love with the wrong people, and are very flirtacious. Their laughs are amazing, and they give great hugs. Cassie's also got dem cakes!
Awe she's really cool. She must be a Cassie!
by Babe123451 November 24, 2013

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