Kind, loving, beautiful and above all, sweeter than pumpkin pie. Cassie is a girl who loves to talk, but is a great listener and did I mention she was beautiful? She's a great girl, whether she is a friend or a girlfriend, having a Cassie in your life definitely makes everything brighter! In other words, she's perfect.
Guy1: Hey, have you met that Cassie?

Guy2: Oh yeah! she's totally a Cassie!
by Anonymous195873589273412 August 15, 2011
One of the most real and beautiful girls you will meet, though they wont ever admit they are. Cassie's tend to play multiple sports and are usually very good at school. Normally very nice unless provoked. Cassie's are cutest when a Cassie is naturally blonde or brunette. Shes a gal tons of guys fall for but she like to stay grounded with her country men. Every guy wants a Cassie.
"Whoa man, that guys girlfriend is hott!"
"Is he country? She must be a Cassie"
by Caligirlyesyesiam November 20, 2011
To be slightly mad, absent minded and self destructive. They are generally beautiful people in and out. A word coined from the e4 drama skins featuring the character "Cassie".
Person 1: What's up with that guy?

Person2: Oh him, he's just a bit Cassie.
by drearydreary13 February 25, 2008
The act of being the sexiest person alive.
"Awwww man! Did you see the smokin' chick?!"
"Yeah, she's a Cassie!"
by mmmno November 13, 2011
Most funny awesome person ever. She is super smart but doesn't like to admit it. She can be tough, but really she's very sweet on the inside! She's a super loyal friend. She doesn't like to dress up very often but she totally rocks the tomboy look. She can make any situation fun with her witty remarks and sarcasm. She is kind of secretive and closed off at times, but she makes an awesome best friend! She loves her family and truly respects her parents, something not found in most people anymore. Did I mention she'd make a great best friend?!
1. Look at that girl.. She's so cool. She must be a Cassie!

2. This girl asked me if I was a Cassie and I said "Hell no I'm not that smart!"

3. My little brother was backstabbed by his best friend, so he shouted to him, "You're not so Cassie after all!"
by Splashstorm March 27, 2013
Fashionista at first glance, but not at all bitch-like. Brown haired, hazel eyes, very sweet. Tall, but not intimidating.
Aw, man, that pretty girl in my science is such a Cassie
by powerslappers February 02, 2009
the coolest girl in the world haha she is so sexy and mmmm every guys wants to have her!!!!
dang!! theres Cassie!!!1 she is sooooooo hot
by thisgirl!! September 27, 2011
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