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Cassidie is single handedly the most beautiful girl in the world. She is sweet, kind, and loving. She cares for others and isn't selfish. Her laugh is contagious and she can always put a smile on your face even when you're down. A girl like Cassidie is hard to find because she's one of a kind.
by bzjancnwldbwkc May 06, 2013
A girls name. normally spelled Cassidy. A pretty name quite unusual spelling.
I think I want to name my baby Cassidie because its such a cool name.
by 209girl March 14, 2009
Cassidie is no doubt the most beautiful girl in the world! Cassidie's are the best friends you can possible get and will never lie or stab you in the back because they are one of a kind! Cassidie's are very unique and some of the smartest people, and you don't find better dancers than them! Not only are they the friend to have but they are the sweetest people and make great girlfriends so don't miss an opportunity because they're rare!
Wow she's an amazing dancer , she must be a cassidie

She's stunning she has to be a cassidie!
by Liselink324 October 02, 2013
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