Not a check, but another form of money that I don't have.
You want some cash money? Go talk to someone else!
by Doco The Magic Dragon and Larry September 08, 2003
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bills, not change but bills
got any cashmoney?
by PrIzM July 24, 2003
To vomit, from excessing drinking and or other various substances. Used in the song Bling Bling, by BG
Hit the club and light the bitch up, cash money motto is to drink til you thrown up.
#cash #cash money #vomit #barf #throw up #puke
by Ben Kremer February 29, 2008
Cash in hand, as opposed to checks, credit cards, debit cards, or goods available for barter.

Cash money is the shit that makes the world go 'round, my friend.

See: Benjamins.
I gotta lay my hands on some cash money.
by Wingchild September 13, 2003
Imagine rolling a wad of cash between your index and middle fingers and thumb, arm stretched out in front, this is the action of fingering a vagina with your fingers and rubbing the clitoris with your thumb. It's usually appropriate to shout "Cash Money!" when a fellow gentleman is describing or pointing out an attractive female.
"Mate, 12 o'clock - look at the arse on her!"
"Cash Money!"
#fingering #anus #vagina #wad #cash #money #anal
by GashMoney December 30, 2013
The name of a very long, very fast horse. Most people would refer to "Cashmoney" as the horse in which people have done "things" with
"Jesse, How were you and CashMoney last night?
#cash #money #cashmoney #hard #long #hardlong
by Jamarcus Dubya March 26, 2010
Legally accepted tender at Bubs' Concession Stand.
We accept:
Cash Money
(Pencil Shavings)
by The Ugly One February 27, 2004
A Wigger who posts on hip hop forums and wears his wiggerness with pride.also has gay tendencies.
Cashmoney is a wigger.i.e
wigger is cashmoney,also know as
by Drake Magnum September 25, 2004
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