There are several types of moneys, for example: credit, bonds, real estate, stocks, etc. Cash moneys refers to the moneys which is made of paper and has pictures of dead presidents on them.
I be rollin in cash money.
by h-ol-e September 08, 2003
Sex God who believes hes gangsta some times but really isnt at all. Also, one who tends to throw around money just to have friends.
"Dude, cashmoney lives in New rochelle but thinks hes from the bronx and wears pink polo shirts so he can get every chick he wants. but hes really quite gay" - says Anthony
by test tube fetus February 27, 2005
an exclamation used to indicate success, acceptance, or general approval
"...but when I look at him, he's transformed into someone I love. And I'm transformed into someone who loves him. CA$H MONEEEEEEEEEEY!"
-A Beautiful Mind

"Essence? OMG C4$H M0N3Y H4X!"
by Ari May 25, 2003
Money; the kind that folds, not jingle.
Mang, I dropped a grip on that new E Class. Hundred fifty cash money
by britney s. September 13, 2006
A term used to define something as very positive.
"That is so cash money"
"That football game last night was cash money"
by victoria seaward May 23, 2007
a term, when combined with the word hoes, that means something that is at the top level of its league
Yo, that Red Sox game was cash money hoes.
by Ben Swanson September 10, 2003
Used to explain that you are making money in cash, instead of jewlery or checks or something. Used especially after having stole something
"Oh snap, I just got cash money from that old lady over ther....."
"Man, someone just stole some of my cash money from my wallet"
by CrazySleepyFun March 09, 2007
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