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a well-known advertisement that doesn't even make sense and was made by foreign assholes in a sad attempt to scam people into sending them gold
Dumbass: Ima send mah old school bling to Cash 4 Gold and make some quick cash, dawg!

D00d: Good luck with that, lulz.
by Nate of Fate March 11, 2009
A company known for scamming people out of their gold valuables in return for very little money. Cash4Gold has been known to give people far less than what their gold is actually worth, according to many news reports and studies by jewelers.
I need money and my dad's gold coins are just lying there. Time to contact Cash4Gold!
by goldISgood January 15, 2010
Something that is ridiculously awesome, new, innovative, and enjoyable.
Dude, I fucked your 12 year old sister last night after you went to sleep. It was totally cash4gold!
by Phaxanation May 09, 2011

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