Casey Anthony: verb To continually lie about something when everyone clearly knows the truth and to get away with it.
Boy 1: Oh no! My mom knows I ate a cookie because she found the crumbs in my bedroom.
Boy 2: Pull a Casey Anthony and say a mouse ate it and got the crumbs there.
a few hours later...
Boy 1: She believed it and is now calling and exterminator.
by AAABAA July 07, 2011
Casey: A pathological liar.

Pulling a Casey: Lying your ass off about everything.
You're such a Casey Anthony - I can't believe a word that comes out of your mouth!

Nuh-uh bitch - don't be trying to pull a Casey Anthony on me!
by thepipster July 06, 2011
An inept Florida mother made famous for allegedly murdering her two year old daughter Caylee. While no search began for her daughter until weeks after the disappearance, Casey could be found partying, drinking and living life to the fullest; the obvious activity for any mother missing her child for more than 6 hours. She is now involved in writing a book about her experience. This means not only can you get away with murder in Florida, but profit from it.
Son "Mom, do you love me?"
Mom "Honey, I love you like Casey Anthony loved her daughter"
Son "Mom, are you going to murder me in the inground pool, throw a weeklong party, get aquitted for murder and write a compelling novel about your experience?"
Mom "I was actually going to blame my mother..."
by Northern King September 21, 2011
a post-birth abortion.
If my baby is ugly, I could perform a Casey Anthony.

My wife and I decided to begin retirement early and get a Casey Anthony instead of dealing with our kid.
by britt953 July 05, 2011
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