A race of 3 teams in which each team receives a case of beer, a blunt, and a pizza. First one to finish all 3 wins. Puking, spilling, and passing out all have time penalties.
I won the case race, but lost thanksgiving.
by Freddy Ornot November 27, 2010
Top Definition
A drinking game in which two cases of beer are required. You break up participants into teams. The first team to finish the entire case of beer is deemed the victor.
We had a case race over at Greg's the other night! It was awesome!
by Jeff Spotzman May 10, 2006
A race in which two teams of one or more people compete against each other to see who can finish a case of beer faster. If a team/member quits, passes out or throws up they are immediately declared the loser.
I was trashed after the case race.
by S. P. Murphy December 12, 2005
3 people to a team, whoever finishes the case (30 pack) first wins but puking gets your team an automatic disqualification.
everyone's a winner at the case race cause you drink 10 beers. drink a beer get a new one, you win.
by nyb69caseracechamp May 01, 2010
This is a simple game. Start out with 4 of your best drinkers. Challenge any other group of four people. Each 4 person group is a team. Each team gets a case. Find a ref who will judge fair.

When the ref says start everyone starts drinking. The winning team is the first team done with all of their beer. Every can must be completely empty. If the ref rules a can is not empty then it must be drank before your team can win. Any spills or throwing up results in a 30 sec penalty added to your total time.

The fastest we've done this is in just under 4 minutes thirty seconds. Try to beat the record.
Me, Pimpstick, Ronnie, an Cale so whipped those punk's in the last case race.
by JaySoprano May 10, 2006
same thing but not team event 24 hours in a day 24 beers in a case start when you wake up end when you pass out

just a case on your own
for my 21st birthday my friends called a case race
by E123 August 28, 2006
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