A sweet girl with a cute face. One of the nicest girls you will ever come across.
Why anyone wouldn't want to befriend caryn is beyond me
by squall24 August 25, 2008
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Asian not Black, Funny, Loving, Caring, Cute, Turnt, Swag, Delicious, Gets Down, All Out, Fun, Tight AF, Big Ass
Hey! I know you're a Caryn.

Damn! See that Caryn walk by.
by Jacob6996 February 12, 2013
Person who gets crunk all the time.
She is such a Caryn.
by Fafi May 29, 2010
A fugly slut whom can not keep her hands off of the female sex.
Stop being a Caryn!
by gunneffter June 13, 2008
used to describe any and all awesome Grime Punk chicks on the Jersey scene. more often used to describe a cutie at the show, than engaged in vicious drinking and violent dancing.
local boy 1 "did you see that caryn in the circlepit at the hooliganism show?"
local boy 2"she was hot, is she single?"
local boy 1 "not anymore, i totally took her home with me!"
by K-Fantastic March 28, 2009

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