A school who basically thinks its all that, by reading other defentions, you can gather that. Its the kind of school that not only talks the most crap but also fails in those areas, cary often talks about how stuckup Green Hope is and says how much better it is than rival Athens High but in the end, has almost as much money as Green Hope but is twice as lame. Ussualy turns to vandalism to avoid getting its pussy ass kicked, for exsample thier lame and mild spray painting after an athens student pushed one of thier's in a lake
teen one: oh you go to cary high school?

teen two: yeah LETS GO CARY OH OH OH you know cary is number one in the county, yeah oldest school....blah Athens.....blah blah blah Green Hope.....blah blah lame blah blah coach blah blah Leesville blah blah blah

teen two: oh i just wanted to tell you your bmw is scratched and......damm your a douche
by stuckinohio August 11, 2006
Top Definition
A large high school in Cary, NC right outside of Raleigh. Learning institute to the infamous band commonly known as a "the band cult" and NJROTC, fondly known as the "Rotc Nazis". Both groups receiving more titles than all other organization at CHS put together but earning the least respect from their classmates and teachers. Signaled by the large smoke cloud around it, caused by the various smoking spots around campus, but not on campus (although the lingering smell of smoke it's quite common after either lunch period while walking past the bathroom). Not known for it's cliques, but is evidently segreated by the black people group, the goths, ESL, and the identity confused white people. Home to relocated drug dealers, drug addicts, state-wide theives, baby mamas, custody battles and anger managment cases the school is extremely diverse, not only with cultures, but with students with all kinds of criminal backgrounds. Classified by the largest number of car crashes in a parking lot of neighboring streets known possible, the school is the best in the surrounding area. Despite it's colorful background, it still has more school spirit and more down to earth, well-known people then Apex, Greenhope, Athens or Middle Creek. Most students will agree that it is an awesome school after venture to any other school party or meeting any of the people for the other schools.
Miffy: "Hey you go to Cary"
Andrew: "Yea"
Miffy: "Can I beat?"
by Blaaat '05 April 22, 2005
The first public high school in north carolina. CHS probably has more traditions and spirit than all neighboring high schools put together. CHS has great soccer, football, and wrestling teams. Which are always a good time to hang out at. And at cary we don't feel the need to deal with freshmen, so they have their own campus up the street. Though the school does have a 7 point grading scale(which sucks cuz that makes 92 a B) and has too many teachers that are homework nazis, in reality the students and the faculty are nice, cool people. If you're looking for a good time CHS parties/games/dances are the place.
rain dancin with the crazy cary crew in the mcdonalds parking lot... in the senior parking lot...in some street in morrisville outside of the car!
by dirty blondie May 25, 2005
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