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2 definitions by stuckinohio

being over whelmed by lacrosse, happens in intense games or once you learn, ultimatly used by a laxer if you get lacrossed you get the adrenline or you get the drive to go train (unlike baseball fags you only have to run 90 feet ever couple minutes, slap eachothers asses, make fun of lacrosse players and ummmm oh yeah suck dick)
man i am so lacrossed AHHH WHY THE FUCK DID I EVER PLAY BASEBALL NOW TOM WONT STOP CALLING ME AND SENDING ME GAY PORN.... man i gotta get off that baseball email list.
by stuckinohio August 11, 2006
A school who basically thinks its all that, by reading other defentions, you can gather that. Its the kind of school that not only talks the most crap but also fails in those areas, cary often talks about how stuckup Green Hope is and says how much better it is than rival Athens High but in the end, has almost as much money as Green Hope but is twice as lame. Ussualy turns to vandalism to avoid getting its pussy ass kicked, for exsample thier lame and mild spray painting after an athens student pushed one of thier's in a lake
teen one: oh you go to cary high school?

teen two: yeah LETS GO CARY OH OH OH you know cary is number one in the county, yeah oldest school....blah Athens.....blah blah blah Green Hope.....blah blah lame blah blah coach blah blah Leesville blah blah blah

teen two: oh i just wanted to tell you your bmw is scratched and......damm your a douche
by stuckinohio August 11, 2006