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A name given to one who is neutral yet ruthless.
It is a symbol of calm (Caru) and a weapon (Gax)

The name was first used in 2007 by a Warcraft III player showing fairness and calm in a flame war game.

It was later used in 2008 on a Text based game by a player showing great skill within battle tactics but also showing kindness offering help to weaker players that would be teamed up on by stronger players.

The name Carugax also appeared from early 2007 to present day as a less than famous title on a Fast paced fighting game known as Gunz The Duel, this player is said to join no clan and use the basic of weapons to beat any oponent that unfairly tries to overpower weaker players.
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Warcraft III
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by Schattenkrieger October 06, 2009
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