a party held in ones car, sometimes involving the playing of loud music, and the drinking of mountain dew.
Dude, lets go to the parking lot later and have a carty,
by raymaas October 05, 2009
Top Definition
A small party of three to ten people taking place in a moving or stationary vehicle, usually involving large amounts of drugs and alcohol.
The five of us were bored with no place to go, so we had a carty in Ted's Explorer.
by raslafor November 13, 2006
a person who is an asshole. a person who is good for nothing. a person in lacrosse that sucks but likes to party more than coach
fuck the coaching lets be a carty and then party.
by joe the party carty April 20, 2009
Sexy,Cute and all round smooth talker.

Carty has been mentioned as one hunk of a Sex God.

Due to this increasingly used term for anyone being good in bed, it has made its self known within the streets!

Bird: Holy Hell, That was just one Carty experience!
Girl: Holy Hell, That was just one Carty experience!

Carty: ohh plz dat was nothing ;)
by Superfreak9830 June 05, 2011
Goofy, straight, white guy who has made such wonderful contributions to the world such as the discovery of "Sarcasam" and realizing "Water is wet."
Carty eats pizza flavored pizza, a guzzler indeed.
by Booby Jones January 02, 2004
A Cigerette people use for smoking
Hand out a Carty there boys
by Sean Kane December 14, 2007
The single smelliest person who has ever lived, in the past, present, or future.

Also is a 3D fanboy with a particularly annoying tendency to try and sell you his old crappy junk like action figures.
3D asked to be relocated during the CPL because they could no longer stand the unbearable stench of CaRTy.
by OUTA SPAAAACE May 26, 2004
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