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The best cartoons from Cartoon Network that were unfortunately taken off for unknown reasons.
Dexters Laboratory: 1996-2003
Powerpuff Girls: 1999-2005
Johnny Bravo:1997-2004
Ed Edd n Eddy: 1999-2007, 2009-2010(Possibly still aring)
I am Wheasel: 1999-1999
Cow and Chicken: 1997-1999
Courage the Cowardly Dog: 1995,-2002
Mike Lu and Og: 1999-2000
Cartoon Cartoons fridays: 1999-2003? (disputed)
There are others that are remebered that are also removed from CArtoon Netowork that still do air, but otherwise, they are ended. I hoope that they come back.
by Zarley July 03, 2010
Cartoon Network's orginal cartoons, usually highly over-played
Dexter's Lab is a Cartoon Cartoon that is on way too much
by Eddy October 19, 2003
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