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A piece of crap town defined by its number of Waffle Houses, quantity of inbreeding, guests on Jerry Springer and substandard educational system both in-town and in-county. Consider taking a raft to Cuba before moving here.
Holy crap. I'm in Cartersville where Wayne Knight is probably the most successful former resident. Time to drink my juice (bleach).
by Rebus_V February 13, 2010
The most ass-backwards, redneck city in the redneck state of Georgia.
Man! That guy's over there humping his sister! He must be from Cartersville!
by g8rsfan March 17, 2010
the coolest city in the world. located in georgia; the peach state.
loser: hey kid.
cool kid: hey loser.
loser: where are you from?
cool kid: cartersville.
loser: wow.
by wanda =] October 26, 2006

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