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Drop-dead gorgeous village that could be a hundred miles from central London, but is actually under ten miles away in the London Borough of Sutton.

Why all this incredible enthusiasm, I hear you say?

For a start, the setting - two lovely ponds at its heart with an Italianate bridge, surrounded by trees such as weeping willows, fine period buildings including a museum and a Grade II listed church. Next a very pretty high street popular with local hipsters for its stylish independent coffee houses, trendy art and gift shops and its small theatre, the Charles Cryer Theatre.

I could go on about its museum, its ecology centre, its conservation areas, the fact that it's home to one of CAMRA's favourite pubs in the whole of Britain and that it's only 25 minutes by Southern Rail from London Victoria train station; but I suggest you just visit it for yourself and have a lovely day out.
(one year ago)
- Ruby:"Let's go for a day out, maybe Richmond on Thames."

- Leonora:"No, sure it's fab there, but we've been too often."

- Ruby:"How about we go to Carshalton then; I hear it's the prettiest village in England."

- Leonora:(struck by the brilliance of this suggestion) "Best idea you've ever had, Ruby; I've just read that it's totally cool there. Let's leave immediately!"

Ruby and Leonora now share a flat in Carshalton.
by .l April 26, 2014
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Carshalton is an altogether excellent villagey area snugly located on the boundary of vibrant London and picturesque home county, Surrey. As photographs clearly show, Carshalton is a seriously attractive spot with beautiful ponds forming its centre piece. It is a cultural place too with a museum, theatre and two art galleries, one in the high street and the other in an 18th century building in Oaks Park, where working artists display their paintings and other artwork.
Carshalton is an unspoilt artists' paradise just ten miles from the hustle and bustle of central London.
by tennis king is murray! May 16, 2014
Beautiful village ten miles from London with ponds, parks, a theatre and an ecology centre.
Lets go to Carshalton on Sunday for a lovely day out!
by .l April 24, 2014
Pleasant area of outer London, whose charming central village has been attracting hordes of young professionals over the last five years.
Hipsters are piling into Carshalton. Frankly who can blame them?
by .l May 08, 2014
A nice short definition to save you time:

"Carshalton is flippin' brilliant!"
The village of Carshalton in the London Borough of Sutton is brill.
by breathe in the air May 20, 2014

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