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A chick that you pick up and sleep with from a club, bar, concert, etc on the 1st night. She practically takes your order and get's it right meaning that you tell her what you want and she'll go home with you and do whatever you like.
Say baby ya lookin good tonight. Come on over and take my order because your body's like a carry out and I'd like to try your recipe.

From the Timbaland & Justin Timberlake song "Carry Out"
"Take my order cause your body like a Carry out,

Let me walk into your body until you hear me out '...
by ChampD12 May 12, 2011
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Gally was sitting on the hotel balcony half-piched wi a carry-oot
by Javier October 11, 2003
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Washington, DC term for "fine dining" establishments. Cuisine consists of chinese food, american food, pizza joints, etc. In DC it's pronounced curry out
Let's go Yum's for a 5-piece wing box. They're carry out is bangin'. Joe, don't forget the mambo sauce.
by daedae August 08, 2006
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Chinese restaurant that sells an assortment of food from different nationalities (mostly american and chinese).
We went to the carry-out and got some three wings and fries.
by TAUT_7 February 17, 2009
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bout to get on yo ass
to talk about you
crack on you
some nigga:oh boy you dont want anotha carryout like
i gave yo ass yesterday
otha nigga:hell yea bruh you let his ass have it
by bri[nd]khari June 15, 2008
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