A character from the tv series Sex in the City a fabulous and smart woman, full of fun and life with a hint of 'bad girl' who is looking for true love but is reluctant to commit. Also a classic horror story by stephen king about a teenage girl who is a social outcast. A song by the 80s rock band Europe.
That is just so Carrie!
by Carri1 January 15, 2008
Top Definition
Carri, a woman with much talent, amazing personality, More beautiful than anything in the world, lightens evryone's day, and is never afraid to say what she thinks.
"That woman is definately a Carri"
by Amjid February 05, 2008
Is an amazing person and really friendly girl

One of the best friend you'll meet

At times can be abit crazy

Shes beautiful but denies it.
That Carris is amazing
by McLaren14 January 06, 2012
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