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The letters of this guys name stand for - An 'MJ-wannabe' Idiot. He loves suits and tries to dance like michael jackson to impress his girl. Apart from that he's really a very nice guy who can be so sexy, romantic and awesome.
'Uh oh another amjid trying to impress his girl dancing to billie jean'
by Carri1 February 11, 2008
To be free-spirited, vibrant and independant like the Irish indie pop band mocrac
'Hey yeah! She's really mocrac and doesn't wait for you to give freebies'

'I don't want to be dictated to by people because I'm mocrac'
by Carri1 August 14, 2007
A character from the tv series Sex in the City a fabulous and smart woman, full of fun and life with a hint of 'bad girl' who is looking for true love but is reluctant to commit. Also a classic horror story by stephen king about a teenage girl who is a social outcast. A song by the 80s rock band Europe.
That is just so Carrie!
by Carri1 January 15, 2008

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