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Carpool King (or simply CPK) is a term used for a person who is very sensitive to the environment and would like to carpool versus driving individual vehicles to the same destination. CPKs enjoy the company of others in the vehicle as it promotes great conversations and makes for a very enjoyable ride versus driving in your vehicle alone. And thus, CPKs are very well respected for both their concern for the environment and the conducive ability to facilitate conversations and to make the car ride more enjoyable. Every large group greater than 3 should have a CPK.
Mark : Yo Whadduppp! I'm jonesing for some Pho - let's hit up Pho Shizzle, aite? You feeling me bro?

Tim : No Mark, I don't feel you and I'm not your bro. Maybe we should carpool? Parking is kinda tight at Pho Shizzle and we should help reduce emissions.

Mark: Tim, that's so gangsta of you to consider the environment. You're so Carpool King man!
by Onscreen Goddess April 15, 2010
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