A girl who usually is on the fatter side, and loves twinkies.
Dayyum, have you seen that girl
Yeah shes a carolyn
by Magkooks March 07, 2011
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A girl (or guy, but trust me, they're pretty rare) who is very funny, caring, extremely intelligent, talented, and not to mention absolutely beautiful.

In short, she is just perfect.

A Carolyn will get along with nearly anyone and always knows what to say to cheer you up. She is a great friend and would never ever betray you. She would care for you no matter what.

The name Carolyn translates to "song of happiness" (from the word "Carol".) It is also commonly confused with the name Caroline. A Carolyn is the kind of girl who, once you meet her, she will always be in your heart.
Dude #1: dude, my new gf is AMAZING!
Dude #2: O RLY?
Dude #1: oh yeah, she's def a Carolyn
Dude #2: word


Guy #1: you seen that new girl in school, man?
Guy #2: no, please elucidate
Guy #1: she's really nice and really cute and she plays in the band, acts, sings, and is really smart.
Guy #2: lemme guess... her name is Carolyn?
Guy #1: ZOMG yeah it is!!!1 u totally called it, man.
Guy #2: Roflcoptersaurus rex
by o_rly June 09, 2009
The feminine version of the name Charles meaning "the woman." Basically never printed on magnets, mugs or other souvenir paraphernalia. Often mistaken for Caroline, Carolina, Carol, Karen or Katherine.
My name is Carolyn, not Caroline, dammit.
by CB23 October 20, 2007
Hottest piece of ass. EVER.
Look at Carolyn, she's so lucky.
by bobochub November 27, 2007
A really great/awesome person. It's pretty much the best name that you could give your daughter or son, if you're feeling adventurous. A Carolyn is someone who is especially smart, beautiful, has sense of humor and someone who likes to organize things.
"Hey buddy, check out that carolyn"
by bob13 February 12, 2007
a person who is perfect in every way that no words can describe her
"every girl should be like carolyn"
by carolynlover<3 May 09, 2009
has a sexy body and loves thea. she has a very sexy personality to go along with her sexy body of course. see sexy
i want to be just like carolyn because she is sooo damn hott and sexy.
by tey June 06, 2005
One who loves to eat cucumbers and tangerenes, but cannot peel them. Known for an assortmant of cool shoes.
Dude, u like cucumbers? U r so Carolyn!

U have cool shoes, u must be a Carolyn!
by Qofi December 11, 2007

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