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A person who is highly intellectual and respectful. Any person named Carmelo is not only smart but also extremely sexy. Anyone who knows a Carmelo be aware to be allured and trapped by his contagious personality. Also known to be rough because of where he grew up at such as a Harlem boy.

Also can be a little corny.
Wow I have a Carmelo in my Latino Studies Class.
by Blanca Apple May 31, 2009
Sucker punching someone in the face then running away
i am going to carmelo you if you don't shut the fuck up
by Ja'Ron Smith March 18, 2009
A narcissistic, skinny, pathetic ass lil bitch. Self obsessed, and needs fat italian pussy to boost his fake ass ego. The lowest of the low. Deserves to drown in his own shit.
"Have you heard from Carmelo lately?"

"Nah, B, I bye felicia'd his murked ass."
by Felicia21 January 15, 2015
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