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The guy your woman is fucking while you're at work. Equivalent of "Jody" or "Sancho" but most often used among Guatemalans.
"My wife isn't answering her phone."

"Don't worry - Carmello's taking care of her."
by Sancho Carmello December 25, 2011
A sexual maneuver in which a you put your hand in a woman's vagina like you're going to dunk and you end up smelling her tits also.

Best attempted when both parties involved are drunk.
Joe: You and Victoria got pretty hammered last night. What were you doing in the bedroom?

Ralph: I pulled the carmello on her. That shit was tight!
by Udy April 27, 2008
a sub species of primate listed under the mamalia kingdom. Known for their small craniums and mental capcity however this is well compinsated for their abilty to push and pull large objects. Diet consists of capicole,pastrami,procutto and romano cheese. Generally found near the tundra regions of north east North American sub continent.
mommy, we learned about carmello at school today!
by fimo October 16, 2006

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