The place where all the valley kooks live. All of the Douch bag jocks go surfing in del mar and trash the beach. And the home of the sophmores that say the word "FUCK" all the time.
sophmore1: yo man Lets go to the fucking highlands in carmel valley
sophmore2: no fucking way man, there are to many fucking fuck freshman there
sophmore1: Fine, then I'll go to my fuck home and watch fucking porn with my fuck girlfriend
by none of you buis April 10, 2008
Top Definition
Carmel Valley is probably the worst part of North County San Diego. The houses are all the same, and the people are all the same. They all try to fit into a certain group, emo, scene, and the like. There is no individuality. Everyone spends their weekend at the highlands, the only decent feature of Carmel Valley, talking about their money(real or not) and shallow friendships.
Del Martian: Hey, you want to go to Carmel valley tonight?

Solana Beacher: Screw that.
by everyone in solana beach December 02, 2007
A perfect example of sprawling San Diego, Carmel Valley is a community located in North County San Diego just inland from the city of Del Mar. It consist mostly of happily married young couples, expensive German cars, condos, and shopping centers. Not known for having extensive public transport or any sense or a real community center.
After driving on three streets with the word "Carmel" in them and getting stuck behind a BMW SUV, I realized that I was definitely in Carmel Valley.
by Leah Boyer January 31, 2007
carmel valley, CA (NOT carmel valley in san diego)
AKA the cool kid part of carmel.
and the best place to live everrrrrr.
carmel doesnt even compare to the valley.
rich snobby freaks live in carmel, real kids live in the valley.
so carmel cant mess with the valleyy.
carmel valley is wayyyyyy too cool for you.
carmel kid: im gonna go swim in my huge olympic pool and watch my boyfriend play golf on my daddy's course!

carmel valley kid: go fuck yourself.
by rosalieeeee May 22, 2008

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