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Sent from above; gorgeous in every way. Huge blue eyes you could just stare into forever. has the whole world in her hands, and will make you wish you were with her every second of every day
wow, carlye is amazing
by anonymous jj September 01, 2008
one time she peed on the floor in her room

yep.. its on the internet now
im going to carlyes house

what a douche bag
by mag January 26, 2005
Small,stump toed-finger girl who's little video gaming brother is cooler than her. Other nick names include- curr, coo, hammie, hamizzle, car, and other deragatory spanish slurrs. Carlye thinks she's cool but no no she just doesn't do that okay?
Look at those midget fingers- she has such carlye hands!
by AKalbli January 30, 2005