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Caribou Coffee. Midwest-US coffee house, similar to Starbucks
Yo, you wanna hang out at Caribou after class?
by Anonymous Coward May 03, 2003
1 n. Alcoholic beverage native to Quebec, most often served at Carnival.

"Caribou, a feisty alcoholic beverage, was popularised ever since the first (Quebec City) carnival. The recipe is attributed to Ti-Père, a commerce that was first established on Ste-Thérèse Street in the lower city, then, more recently, in Old Quebec. Suffice to say a typical drink of caribou contains brandy, vodka, sherry and port... Wow!"

--Fron the offical Quebec Carnival web site.
I drank some Caribou at Carnival and got so blitzed I threw off all my clothes and rolled around in the snow with a hundred other shitfaced frenchmen! Then they poured maple syrupp all over me. What a time!
by G.H. Hadden May 05, 2005
AKA the notorious pickup-artist, PhD Mathematician and part-time musician Daniel Snaith, who writes 99% of his songs about a small fraction of his sexual conquests
Caribou aka Daniel Snaith - "Fuck bitches, get money."
by Labu September 17, 2010
The sexual act of inserting two large dildos into the ears of a female. All while in the doggy-style position, and making a "weesnaw" noise.
Dude, that girl over there let me caribou her last night!

I cariboued her last night.
by Caribou92 June 18, 2013
v. To heedlessly move into the path of someone or something in motion
That dumb son of a bitch cariboued into the neutral zone with his head down so I cleaned him out.
by WordBook February 08, 2011
Look at Potski !

Also the animal Caribou (from canada, a bigh horses with corns on da head !)
Waouw ! So caribou !
Hey watch ! Caribou spammed a other time :D
by Jo September 02, 2003
When a man does the girl doggie-style while holding her hair back while she throws up, like a man having sex with a caribou.
After she had one too many to drink, he gave her the Caribou in the bathroom.
by Stefan Rivet May 07, 2007