Cargo Pants are super fresh pants. If you are not rockin cargo pants then you aint madd fresh. Cool cats rock them with button up shirts or madd baseball attire.
Person 1: Why are all the ladies all over Cameron and Ed?

Person 2: Cuz they have madd cargo pants sawgg
by T Master Funk October 25, 2011
Top Definition
n. Pants with over-sized pockets designed specifically for sneaking inexpensive snacks into a movie theater or similar venue.
Hey, we're going to the movies tonight. Meet me at the Dollar Store and wear your Cargo Pants.
by Tagz December 29, 2008
Pants designed for blue collar people who work in construction or carpentry industry.
Alli Hilfiger's stupid ass thinks her dad, who formerly designed clothes for upper class caucasians, invented cargo pants.
by Kenzie November 25, 2003
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