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A feeling of complete and utter euphoria which peaks when climbing into bed at the end of an 18-hour workday, a long road trip or hours of extremely strenuous physical activity. Under perfect conditions, the physical release has been likened to that of an intense sexual experience.
It was a three hour drive in the middle of the night, I could barely stay awake. When I got home, I climbed under the covers and had a ten-minute bedgasm.
by tagz June 04, 2007
Declarative phrase appearing at the end of a statement which effectively negates the meaning of the previously stated text. Essentially, the presence of this statement instructs the reader that what has been stated up to this point is a fallacy in that no one would make that statement under any circumstances, at any time (in the past, present or future) in any corner of the known universe.
I am so tired of bacon that I hope I never have to eat it again. Said no one ever.
by tagz May 01, 2013
Retail establishment specializing in Party Supplies, Movie Theater style Candy, off-brand or generic items, and potentially toxic Chinese Imports. All items are price fixed at One Dollar US.
Dan's hair is falling out because he buys his shampoo at the Dollar Store.
by Tagz December 30, 2008
n. Pants with over-sized pockets designed specifically for sneaking inexpensive snacks into a movie theater or similar venue.
Hey, we're going to the movies tonight. Meet me at the Dollar Store and wear your Cargo Pants.
by Tagz December 29, 2008
The secret part of every straight male that enjoys Broadway Shows, singing showtunes, antiques, dancing, sad movies, puppies, gazpacho, and Liza Minelli.
Ed went to see "A Chorus Line" last night . . . I think he's exploring his inner fag.
by tagz June 10, 2007
adj. Almost un-fathomable in scope and size. Normally reserved for an object or objects that are large enough so as to be described as planetary in size. Larger than gi-normous by a factor of ten.
I hadn't seen her in 15 years. Her face looks good, but her ass is just gi-fucking-normous!
by tagz May 17, 2007
Act of creating a fictitious romantic relationship with someone you desire who is already attached, patently disinterested, or otherwise unattainable.
Kelly is already with Anthony so whatever story Joey tells you is all just romance-turbation.
by tagz September 19, 2008
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