when you are at an intersection and you cut some one off, the person in the car you cut off makes a disgusted face at you. This is known as a carface.
Oh man you should have seen that lady's carface, it was so funny.
by ntwo2 November 23, 2010
Top Definition
A person with an attractive face but an undesirable body which is hidden when that person is seated in a car. The opposite of Butterface.
Stuck in traffic, Chris flirted with a woman driving a Jetta not realizing she was a carface.
by losanjealous February 28, 2006
The phenomenon were a woman has a beautiful face when spotted in her automobile, but when she gets out a fat or otherwise unseemly body is attached. Also known as the exact opposite of butterface.
I thought a hot chick was making eyes at me on my vespa yesterday, but when she drug 200 pounds of cottage cheese out of her car at the gas station I saw she just had car face so I hauled ass out of there!!!
by Iheartdriscoll April 07, 2008
Someone who has the face of a car, or has a car embedded in their face.
Man with car protruding from his face appears.
Badass MOFO: You're one big carface, carface.
Carface: Careface
by schnigglypoo January 12, 2006
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