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The act of queefing out semen from one's vagina.
"We were scared when I finished and realized that I didn't wear a condom, but she put me at ease with her Careless Whisper."
by tubadude62 September 08, 2011
Careless whisper was a song made by the group Wham, consisting of Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael. Saddest song ever about a lost love.
If you dare to listen to this song have a box of kleenex near by.
by jerryblank May 17, 2005
when you go down on someone and they fart in your face (usually silently hence whisper) I suppose there could be a careless howler
when i was eating helen from behind she released a wicked careless whisper so i kicked her out of her own place. That's how we do.
by adambalder September 16, 2007
When you're about to ejaculate, you go whisper in your partner's ear then jizz all over their face! Awesome!
I gave her a Careless Whisper...

(About to cum...)

"Ohhh let me whisper something in your ear...."

"O.K...."(all turned on)

Then before you put your mouth to her ear you jizz all over her face!

"Oh I'm sorry, Whamy...." lol
by haydiddy February 05, 2010
A long, silent yet potent act of flatulence.
We were making out hardcore until my careless whisper killed the mood.
by Nina March 28, 2004
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