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A player or ORGs that is no longer playing for the fun and competition but instead because it has become their life. Most career ORGers live, eat, sleep, dream, and only talk about ORGs. To these individuals ORGs are not online reality but ACTUAL reality and nothing else exist out of this realm. In the world of a career ORGer sitting on SKYPE with the 5 friends (who also are career ORGers) talking about people who oppose/question them is the hobby to partake in when not doing a game challenge. BEWARE if you try to question a career ORGer about being a career ORGer it could result in nasty SKYPE chats when you aren't present, the spreading of nasty rumors about you around the ORG community, as well as nonstop harassment on your AIM from the individual using numerous fake accounts.
OMG that dude is so a career ORGer no wonder he can't get laid.

Did you see that? That's the way of a career ORGer and they wonder why they have no life.
by NexusCain April 07, 2010
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