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Reference to the camouflage netting applied to the Advanced Combat Helmets of soldiers in the 1-32 Infantry Regiment, part of the 10th Mountain Division stationed at Ft. Drum New York.

The practice was started in 2006 while the unit was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Command Sergeant Major Carabello was responsible for the order of the application of the netting to the helmets of all soldiers operating under his command.

Soldiers began referring to it as "Carabello Hair" partly in jest and/or simply because it was easier than saying "the camouflage netting that is put on our helmets and tied to the helmet 4 to 8 times to keep it secured because Command Sergeant Major Carabello wants it that way."
This Carabello Hair really sets us apart from the other units on Fort Drum.

Fuck man, my damn Carabello hair got caught in a tree limb last night and knocked me on my ass.

Your Carabello hair looks like shit, mine is pimp because it looks like dreadlocks.
by Chosin7 February 08, 2010
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