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an accident where one or more vehicles is on fire
did you see the car-B-Q at the corner of fifth and main? fire trucks were everywhere!
by Mace January 26, 2004

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A road side Bar-B-Q where the special of the day is an automobile engulfed in flames.
I would have been here sooner but there was this great Car-B-Q on the highway and me and a couple hundred strangers just had to slow down and get a real good look.
by The Q Man May 19, 2004
A fully functioning BBQ made from a Car. Using either the front, rear or whole car with a gas or coal fired BBQ.
Have you seen the Car-B-Q down the road? Its an old 1998 Nissan Almera front end with a coal fired BBQ under the bonnet! I think it's heading for JAE!
by Al Mera August 08, 2011