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A car whore is a promiscuous female who prostitutes her body in front of cars at carshows for attention that directly relates to guys lusting over her. This whore may even go to the extent of never ever reaching a level that satisfies how much attention she receives. This will commonly lead to buying a piece of shit car, that they will put stickers on and take slutty pictures with, just to have more reason to expose themselves, and attempt to reach the guy car enthusiast on a higher level than just showing their body off at car shows. These will usually never have any education on how cars actually work, or how to fix them, or race cars either. They always want to attend huge car meets because of the huge amount of guys for the opportunity to get to drool over them. They may even go to the extent to create their own car meet so then they are known as the "car girl" that made the event possible. These events usually include a hot body contest that the guys usually tell the car whore she would will anyways. These car whores usually make a bad name for real car enthusiasts who are girls
i need more dudes to show me attention..ill just go buy a car and put stickers on it and go to all the events, then ill be the perfect car model.
by Your trying too hard. January 17, 2011
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