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World's biggest living rodent and close relative of the guinea pig. A freakin' HUGE brown rodent found in the marshes of South America; looks like a cross between a brown guinea pig and a cow (with duck feet). The rodentine answer to the hippo--cattle egrets have even been seen perched on their backs. Favorite food of the anaconda.
The capybara herd roamed the Peruvian floodplains, wading through mud and grunting like buffalo.
by Anon November 13, 2004
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A big ol' rat. Particularly know for it's evil doings and skill at sports; it will win at any cost.
I was beaten at football by one bad ass capybara.
by nicolino vino September 24, 2003
giant guinea pig like rodent that weighes in excess of 100 pounds. chews plants like a boss, enjoys popsicles and is extremely funny looking when high.
jake: call the exterminator a giant guinea pig is eating your couch!

evan: calm down man its just my pet capybara Chops.
by lorenzoke July 14, 2011
A giant South American rodent with an uncanny resemblance to Jay Z.
Yo, ain't that Jay Z? Nah man, it's a just a Capybara.
by BBOT5000 August 06, 2015
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