Not communism.
I love capitalism.
MMMM, I owe this hot dog to capatilism.
Yay, not communism!
by ANONYMOUS February 03, 2004
Top Definition
Something which is not capitalism.
I can't spell, so I wrote a definition for captialism instead of capitalism.
by PoopyPoo October 27, 2004
An economic system that is hierarchal, under which wealth is accumulated by those few in control of the hierarchy, though the surplus value of wealth created by people who work, in partnership with a government that subsidizes industry, while opposition is suppresed. In the United States, it is called Democracy.
Capitalism is great. I can choose from 20 diffent kinds of catsup but I can't afford to see a doctor.
by eugene February 01, 2004
The best economic system known to mankind. Socialist pinkos don't get it yet, but capitalism is THE shit.
Boy, do I love capitalism! I can actually make something of myself and provide for my family!
by Rob Lawson March 17, 2004
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