I never got this program. Cpatain Scarlet was invincible, yet, he didnt just go and kick butt... And another thing, the enemy (the mysterons) were so FRICKING stupid! They came up with a cunning plan, but would then phone up the "good guys" to give them a "clue" which they would always solve, "just in the nick of time"
Captain Scarlet, He's Invincible...
by LordBlunkey June 16, 2004
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Classic mid 1960's Supermarination television series. The story follows Captain Scarlet and international agency 'Spectrum' in their fight against the Martians-The Mysterons. The Mysterons whose home planet is Mars were originally attacked by a Spectrum squad who were doing routine patrols whilst on Mars. The unprovoked attack by Spectrum launched an all out war in wich The Mysterons swore they would revenge.
Captain Scarlet is not so much 'invincible' as he actually regenerates. He can die, yet comes back to life shortly afterwards.
Captain Blue:Well, I'm not sure Captain, it's your show. Aren't you invisible or something?
Captain Scarlet:OH YEAH! LAMO ROLF LOL LOL !!!11111!!!
by steve aled January 16, 2007
a show with the best puppet action ever. not very good concept but teh theme song was cool.
captain scarlet, dum dum dum dumdum dum dum dum dumdum
by madjack July 13, 2004

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