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A mix of Captain Morgan and Coke.
person 1:I hate hangovers.
person 2:oh, why?
person 1:i have one now cuz i had Captain and Coke last night
by the lyricist February 16, 2005
A mixture of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and Coca Cola in a ratio of 1:3 respectively. Generally served in 6 oz portions with crushed ice.
Firefighter/EMT 1: hell yeah, it's the fucking inspection day dinner!
FF/EMT 2: shit, I hope the open bar has enough captain and coke to hold us over!
by p4|<1574N January 26, 2008
An alcoholic fizzy drank
Damn dude.... I'm trashed of this captain and coke.
by Topevol September 21, 2013